The World’s Fastest Poker Online

Rush Poker

One of the greatest inventions to hit the online Poker world is undoubtedly ‘Rush Poker’. Developed by Full Tilt Poker online, it is one of the fastest growing poker games in the world. Its popularity and growth seems to be trucking forward with no intention of slowing down. Now, with the rise of Mobile poker apps, Rush Poker is taking center stage and offering the best in graphics as well as the best in tournament play.

Rush Poker was specifically designed to minimize wait time in the Full Tilt Poker room. Rush poker keeps you in the game and keeps you in the action. Basically, players get to play more hands in shorter amount of time. This allows poker enthusiasts a lot more thrills, by always keeping them on their toes. Everyone from small fish to the big pros is playing Rush Poker.

The Overview of Rush

How it Works

Poker is still poker when playing Rush. It’s the same rules as Hold’em but at five times the speed – hence ‘the rush’. The biggest changes you will encounter are the following:

  • You are playing a large pool of players. Players involved can range from 2000 and up.
  • You face a different table of players with every play
  • As soon as you fold – you are moved to another table
  • There is a ‘fold’ and ‘quick fold’ buttons available

Strategy of Rush

Rush Poker is a fast paced and full of action kind of game because of the mystery it holds. You have no idea if you’re playing a fish or a pro. The real strategy comes in when you’re deciding to fold and move onto another table. You need to remember you are playing a different person every time.

The best method to start you off would be waiting for the big hands. For example, if you have an AK, or high pairs then battle it out. If you’re a regular of Texas Hold’em you should already be aware of the odds and stakes. If you’re a first timer to poker in general play for free and get some practice before dropping real cash.

Rush Poker is only available through Full Tilt Poker, and it is on this site you can find all the information you need in order to play Rush. They offer free play as well to get you started and in prime shape before hitting the tables. You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to know the future of Poker just got a lot more interesting with the invention of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker. In it’s short existence it has already dominated the online poker world. Why not try for yourself today by visiting Full Tilt Poker online.