Card Counting Secrets

Card Counting Secrets

How card counting work? Yes, during the nine years he worked as a blackjack dealer, I have seen many regimes of hope and ideas, and although many have failed, some of them actually works. Card counting, so that in particular a proven money for those who are willing to do it right.

Card counting is a bit difficult to teach, to be in a short article, but that’s OK. Before learning the specific skills, you need to know what it means to really do well, so you can decide if it’s worth. That’s what’s in this article.

Card Counting 101

In the game of blackjack card counting is a technique to “beat the house.” This means you make more money than you lose in the long term, but not necessarily on a given day. You play to beat the house, so the odds in your favor. How to get the odds in your favor?

You wait and see. If the cover of “rich” enough in the high value card (10, J, Q, K, A) is to tilt the odds slightly in favor of the player. This has been proven statistically, to the extent that the probability that talks about the “House Rules”, which means the exact rules of the game in that particular casino. Opportunities and the number of bridges that the dealer offers from and to what extent the “shoe-card” (the licensee that the cards are dealt) provides dealer before mixdown.

The basic idea is to control the cards out and when the group has more high cards than the normal value in itself, bet more. Put unless the house has the advantage especially if you have the advantage, and the odds are in your favor. In other words, you should make money in the long term.

This is a simple explanation, and should include a good book to study for this job. You need to “basic strategy”, you need to know when making a “hit” and take time to learn “standing”. The game must be precise to really have an advantage. You have to practice for hours at home. It can be difficult at first to keep track of all cards to fly to keep out of the shoe, while talking with other players and the waitresses are interrupted.

The “counting” part is basically assigned a value of the card and monitor. This is easier on the tables where the cards are dealt face up (with the exception of “hole card” the dealer) is performed. In a system. Aces and face cards are given a value of -1 will be evaluated in a neutral position from 2:00 to 6:07, eight and nine are considered.

A look at the maps, add and subtract values ??from the table minimum of Paris all the time. If you have reached a predetermined number, for example seven, increase your bet. The high number means that a higher percentage of high value cards in a normal cover. The odds are in your favor.

A counting device that will be discussed for years in the table for most of a session at night, almost always bet the minimum $ 2 coins Moved hand in hand, to go their own way, has more or less. If the shoe (five decks of cards in this case) rich cards high enough, suddenly the hands of Paris at $ 20 each.

He made money, but not much. To do this, however, and still be only 1.5% received an advantage over the casino. If between the minimum and another in Paris than $ 8 per page and an average of 75 hands per hour can be processed, you will earn about $ 9 per hour. This assumes you can tolerate alternating losing and winning days and hours of concentration. Bet more than the hourly rate does, of course, with the risk of losing big day. Card counting is certainly not for everyone.